"The most rewarding aspect of serving as a Junior Achievement board member has been my experience of teaching in the class room providing students from all segments of the community the opportunity to realize how to achieve their professional goals.” David Ortwein, Vice President, Capital Bank
"JA was such a rewarding experience for me. It pushed me to do something I’d never done before nor did I think I could do. I had a ton of fun with the kids and loved that I had the ability to make a life changing positive impact on them. It made me even more appreciative of this great company that encourages their associates to help their community. I ABSOLUTELY would do it again!!!" Elida Hernandez, ADP
“I have truly enjoyed doing these presentations and have bonded with both students and teachers so much in this short amount of time!  They are always excited when I come in and participate the whole time I am there.  Thank you JA for this wonderful opportunity for all!” Julieta E. Cordero, Analyst, Regulatory Filing, El Paso Electric